Talking about Child Sexual Abuse and the POCSO Act

Srishti Agnihotri and Minakshi Das This article was originally published on Kafila and can be accessed here With the enactment of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act in 2012, and rising awareness among civil society groups, there is an unprecedented momentum regarding protecting our children from sexual abuse. Issues that were earlier being […]

Human Rights in India: Who defends the defenders?

By Srishti Agnihotri This post by the author was originally published in February this year (2016) on Kafila¬† Reports have come in of an attack on Tribal Rights Activist and leader Soni Sori. Reports suggest that oil paint mixed with chemicals was thrown on her face by unknown assailants. This attack, which has left the […]

Towards a better, more equal sky

Srishti Agnihotri This week saw some very good news, in the form of a Supreme Court Judgment that has been hailed as a victory of the disabled community. The judgment concerned the case of Jeeja Ghosh, a prominent disability rights activist, who was de-boarded off a plane by SpiceJet in 2012, on the basis of […]