An about page should never be tedious. I will write a short post on three things:

Why have I started a  blog on human rights?

Why should we explore the intersections between human rights and other kinds of law?

And why should you read this blog?

The about column will be satisfactory if it can answer these three questions, so I will try to do that. I cannot promise, however, that I will answer the questions in that order.

I have been a lawyer, passionate about human rights since the time I got into law school, which was 9 years ago. Those of you who know me personally, know that I have loved writing since then.

What has really interested me, are the issues on the margins of a debate. The things that we cannot agree on, or that don’t lend themselves to easy answers. Another thing that interests me, is how human rights law interacts with other branches of the law. Business and Human Rights is a sector that is being tapped now, and the progress made in that area can have a large impact on workers, the environment, as well as marginalized communities (just to name a few things). Intellectual property and human rights, particular trade and human rights overlap to have a very real impact on the issue of access to medicines.

A close friend from college asked me recently, why I never got bored of discussing and writing about human rights. I would not venture to answer her by saying, all law is human rights. I will say this though, human rights can overlap, intersect with or sometimes (now less and less) clash with other branches of law, and I can never get tired of looking at that magnificent mosaic that is created. All law, I firmly believe has human welfare at its core. This is why I think that a blog that explored the intersection between human rights and other law, is necessary.

To come to the question of why I have started this blog on human rights, well, I have written guest-posts   for other online blogs and newspapers, but one thing that has struck me, was that the writing was never entirely on my own terms. This is inevitable if you write for someone else. While you may have a wider  reach, there are often space constraints, tone constraints, and there is, above all the requirement of remaining ‘current’. I wanted a space that was freer, more open, where I could put forward to the world stories and commentaries that I think are worth listening to.

I am hoping that in time, this blog shall become a space for other lawyers to explore these intersectionalities through guest posts, and discussions . That will of course take a lot of time, effort, and will require a great deal of techno-savyness from me.

But that future is far away yet.

Till then, follow this space, and I will keep the posts coming.



Srishti Agnihotri

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